We have some BIG changes coming your way! Whether you recognize one or both of the above logos, you know us as the team that built your website, keeps it online, and is here to help when you need us. We realized that keeping two names, two logos, and two brands for the same team does not make sense. Thus we are pleased to announce that SCV HomeTown Web & 95Visual will be merging into one brand, 95Visual, in the near future.

I hope you’re as excited for what’s to come as we are!

 - Joshua & the 95Visual team

Have more questions? Keep reading the FAQ below.

Does billing change?
Yep, you will start getting invoices from [email protected] in the coming months. However, before everything changes over we will send out a notice from both billing emails to make sure that you are fully aware.

Will my website need to move or be down because of this?
Nope, we don’t see any reason that we would need to move any client websites or take them offline due to this. 

Are your email addresses changing?
Yep, they will all be changing to [name]@95visual.com in the coming weeks. However, we will make sure to forward all the old SCV HomeTown Web email so that we don’t miss anything.

How do I get ahold of 95Visual?
Simple… Just email or call us. If you want to call us, you can still use (661) 347-1426 or (818) 495-5958.

Did you get bought out?
Nope, we just feel like it's in everyone's best interest to have one name… We have two of everything.

What about that amazing new SCV HomeTown Web website?
Don’t worry this site will become the new 95Visual website… with a few logo changes of course.

What about Social Media?
It will all be changing to 95Visual, so keep your eyes open in the coming months for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts from 95Visual.

How long will all this take?
Our clients take #1 priority. That means that some aspects of this branding merger may take longer than other parts. We plan to start merging things like Email and Billing systems in the next few weeks. Again, we will keep you updated as we move forward.

Is the team changing?
We don’t have any plans for staff changes at this time. Everyone here at SCV HomeTow…. I mean 95Visual loves what they do and is looking forward to serving many more clients in the coming years.

What do I get out of this?
A more focused team and a company confident in their identity.



More Updates Coming Soon!
We have some other very important updates coming soon. We know that keeping your website online and your business up and running is the number one priority. We will keep that at the front of our mind as we make these changes.

Keep an eye on your email and our blog for more updates.


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