Having a professional and reliable sales team is vital to any successful business. There can be some very damaging mistakes easy for any sales team to make. Here are three of the most major mistakes that your sales team needs to avoid.


Selling requires a certain level of persuasion, but it also requires trust. Sales teams are positioned to affect the customer's view of the entire company. A common way for this trust to erode is overpromising the product or delivery. The pressure to make a sale can sometimes lead a salesperson to exaggerate what it is they are selling. If they make the sale but the customer doesn't get what they were promised, they will be rightfully frustrated. Also, you can be certain you won't get their business again. To avoid this scenario, make sure your sales team understands what they are selling. They should also be able to recognize that the customer needs to know what they are getting and when they'll be getting it.

Doing Needless Work

Sales teams have enough work already without doing things that are unnecessary. Not using effective communication is the most common cause of this, as it can lead to things being done twice or making marketing materials that are not needed. Up to 80% of marketing materials are unused by sales teams, which means they have to spend a lot of time and effort remaking stuff that's already there. Ensure that everyone on the sales team is communicating and working together and that they are on the same page as the other teams they are working with. This way, your sales team will focus on work that needs to be done.

Not Working with Other Teams

Sales teams tend to try and operate on their own separate from the rest of the company, but this can be damaging. Your company should be working as a team to collectively ensure you are completing the same goals and have the same mission. If your sales team is working with everyone else, they will be pushing the products they need to, promoting the most important selling points, and giving the correct information.

A sales team can make your business but only if they are performing correctly and avoiding costly mistakes. Being aware of these issues and how to avoid them is the best way to move towards success.

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