Creating a brand can be tough, and we admit, it's a challenging task. But having a well-built website with a regularly updated blog that is connected to all your social media channels can go a long way in laying the foundation stone of your brand's empire.

Entrepreneur conducted a survey in 2016 which concluded that 46% of small US businesses didn't have websites, but 80% of consumers said they research online before approaching a business no matter how small or large it is.

Anything and everything can have an impact on your brand's image. Logo, color scheme, blog posts, tweets and other updates you share with your readers, support team, strong message and more. It takes a lot and we, at 95Visual, understand this.

We are focused on helping our clients with their company branding whether it is their website, content or marketing, we believe in your success because only then can we be successful. We are going to share with you some valuable tips that will help with your branding efforts.

Their Opinion Matters

More important than what you say about your brand is what they, the customers, say about your brand. Paul C. Brunson, founder of the award-winning matchmaking agency, agrees and recommends that the first step to building your brand is understanding your customers and getting to know what they think of you. Have you ever tried to Google yourself or your company name?

Build an Online Presence

Jeff Bullas, digital marketer, and influencer reiterates that it is not enough to have a bunch of social media accounts anymore. You do not own these properties and like in the case of Facebook, your entire business is just one algorithm shift away. This is why it is important that you "build your platform," like a website with a blog that is connected to all your social media properties. Instead of waiting to be perfect, you need to start right now, and we are here to help you with that.

Here are some key points:

  • Being authentic
  • Unique design
  • Memorable logo
  • Thought provoking content
  • Email list
  • Empowering your customers

Our talented team of graphic designers and web designers can help you with your company branding by helping you with several of these key points.

Power of personal branding

Everything you do, everything you say and everything you stand for should reflect in your brand. This should be a large part of your company branding effort.

This is what we actively strive to achieve when working with our clients. Whether it is a meeting with a client or delivering on our promise, we aspire to be the best at what we do – building excellent mobile-friendly sites with Drupal. Talking of Drupal, some of the largest and most popular brands in the world are using this CMS, for example, Tesla Motors, Timex, and The Economist.

So the idea here is that you must have a customer-first approach. A happy customer will go a long way in getting the word out and creating that loyal chain of followers most brands would kill for.

Our personal brand is helping others succeed. What is yours?

Consistency is the key to success

Everyone is loyal towards certain brands. One of the things that make us fall head over heels in love with a brand is consistency. Whether it is in the field of customer support (Zappos), product innovation (Apple), user experience (Drupal) or quality of the product; and it is important that you must tell this story at every opportunity you get.

Hannah Fleishman is right when she recommends sharing your brand's story via all your marketing and communication channels. Dropbox does a great job by including its signature hand-drawn blue colored box in all the messages and correspondences. So what is your story?

Associate with other brands

Shama Hyder, a leader in the space of personal and company branding says, "Your personal brand is strengthened or weakened by your connection to other brands." This means that your job is to find other brands that not only have a strong presence in the market but also share some common ground with you. This strategy will help you leverage these brands to help position your brand.

Building Awareness

Here is a list of some cool, yet straightforward and doable tips that you can implement almost immediately to help spread brand awareness:

  • Set up and promote referral program

  • Create and share infographics

  • Create excellent content

  • Partner with your local business

  • Run social media contests

  • Hosts podcasts periodically

  • Do a remarketing campaign

It is important to have an online presence, and it is better if you control and own this web property. A beautiful website with a blog is the first step.