It isn’t surprising that well-designed websites are a major factor in boosting business profits. In fact, more than 70% of internet users say they often judge the credibility of a company based on its website. As an experienced professional web design company, we’ve identified some common misconceptions to help you move forward with your site. Here are six web design fallacies 95Visual wants you to look out for:


Anyone Can Create a Website

This idea is the most common misconception that we have identified. Although almost anyone can build a simple site, not all can do it perfectly. A professional website that is easy to use and looks effortless didn’t get that way easily but with hard work. Because a responsive and professional web design is now a standard, creating such a website takes longer. Responsive websites use coding skills to reposition and resize all pages to fit the size of any screen. A good web designer knows that changing the position of elements is more than just moving some pixels.

To create a good website, CSS is necessary to simplify a website on different devices and screen sizes. Each feature and button on a website can take hours of coding. On the other hand, graphics need intensive research, and some are from scratch. So, don’t just believe all “web designers” who boast of low pricing. Remember that cheap can eventually become expensive.

Web Design Isn’t Expensive

Another vexing professional web design misconception is that it is cheap. You will quickly find someone to throw everything together for you at a small fee but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Any website that is functional with flawless aesthetics is the work of an experienced professional web designer. Talent is necessary to create an exceptional internet site, and many businesses lose time and money trying to compromise on this.

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Fancy Websites Are the Best

Many clients feel that they aren’t getting their money’s worth if a web company creates a small design or a design that has several white spaces. However, several studies have indicated that simple websites are more beautiful than elaborate sites. We focus more on making websites simple, functional, and intuitive. Fewer elements on your site mean a faster load time. Several studies have proved that people leave websites that take too long to load.

Websites Should Only Have a Desktop Design

Only web designers who haven’t kept up with the ever-changing technology will design desktop-focused sites. At 95Visual we hold a mobile-first mentality. Smartphone and tablet users access the internet with these devices more than computers. A recent study indicated that more than half of mobile users would not choose a company with a poor mobile site. We can help grow your business by creating a mobile-friendly website.

You Don’t Need a Web Designer After the Site is Finished

Most business owners believe that after their site is complete, it will go viral. This isn’t the case because the web is dynamic. New computers, web browsers, and mobile devices are emerging. So, your website will need to be updated to keep up with the trends and to remain compliant with the best practices. Whether a new aesthetic trend or a new search engine algorithm has emerged, your website is evolving. Your site will also need to be maintained to ensure that it is functioning properly. A professional web designer will check for functionality, broken links, and user experience.  SEO and content standards are also changing, and if you want your website ranked, it needs to be up to date.

Content Should Keyword Stuffed

Some websites will stuff keywords into content in an attempt to optimize the site. Keyword stuffing is bad and is prohibited by search engines. This black-hat tactic can get your website banned from a search engine. Your content needs keywords, and we recommend that you keep the density below 5%. Also, instead of using a keyword over and over, consider using long-tail keywords. A professional web design will incorporate only engaging and relevant content.


We hope that you are now aware of some of the misconceptions that many people have about web design. By reading and following our tips, you can avoid these mistakes and create a more professional website design for your business.