Websites aren't all the same. Granted, they share some basic elements, but each one has features that make it different from all the others depending upon their purpose. People often ask us is what the benefits of having a custom designed website as opposed to one that uses a pre-made template with a few tweaks are? Here is what makes a custom website help you and your business.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines rely on clean code to be able to find your website. Pre-made templates are created with extra coding related to a function or design elements you may never need. A custom site will contain only the code you need, and it will be written correctly. SEO items that relate to your business are easily incorporated without getting "lost" in the chaotic environment of one-size-fits-all templates.

Meets Your Customer's Unique Needs

Your business is unique and so are your clients. A pre-designed website does not know your customers. It doesn't know what they like, how they shop or what appeals to their psychological needs. A custom site allows you to work with the knowledge you have of your customers. This makes their visit more productive and brings you more profit in the end.

Strengthens Branding

If your site looks like a hundred other sites, how can people recognize yours immediately? Branding requires consistency across all marketing channels. This includes your website, printed material and even your social media presence. A custom designed site brings consistency, helping visitors know exactly where they are.

Customizable Sales Funnel

Every customer set has a unique pattern that takes them through your sales funnel. This journey is often dictated by gender, age, product or service, and geographical area. Pre-designed sites don't allow for adjustments that resonate with the sales funnel path of your particular client. After all, it isn't possible for one template to meet everyone's needs. A customized site will take your customer's buying habits into account and lead them along the path that they will follow.

Changes With Growth

Generic templates limit what you can do, and they can't always grow with your business. You may not have the skills necessary to rework the model. Besides, as you grow, you may need to make additional changes to your website. Adding content, updating the look of your site, or tweaking design elements, are all common changes to suit the audience better. If not done correctly, this can damage your brand and lose customers. A custom site will make changes possible as you grow.


Google doesn't take kindly to free websites, and neither do many discerning customers. Having a customized website speaks volumes to both search engines and customers. You give the impression that you are invested in your business, plan on sticking around for a long time and are trustworthy. This leads to a professional reputation and not of someone who is "playing business."

Final Words

Sit down today and took a good look at your website. Try to see it through the eyes of your ideal customer and ask yourself these questions:

1. Would I buy from me through this site?

2. Does it reflect my brand?

3. Does it look polished or pieced together?

4. Are people finding me by the search terms I want them to find me?

If even one of these answers is "no," consider having a custom website built. You and your customers will be much happier.