This is part 2 of a blog post if you missed part 1 you can read the full post here: 10 Important Elements Of Professional Web Design - Part 1


Last week I talked about the first 5 Important Elements of Professional Web Design. This week I want to wrap that up and give you some helpful info that you can change on your website right now. Let's take a minute to review what I talked about last week. Don't put look over ease of use by adding too much JavaScript. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to getting found. It would be like Santa without Rudolph. Spend time thinking about who your customers really are and design for them. This goes for fonts and colors too. Many developers will say that there are only a handful of "Web Safe Fonts" and this is true. However, there are plugins that let you use more fonts. And last but not least is ease of navigation, If no one can find anything on your website then is there a point in having a website?

Now let's talk about the other 5 things that are important elements of professional web design.

  1. Avoid putting important content way down on the landing page; the footer is the worst place for essential information. The search engines don’t like it and people tend to avoid information that appears below the fold.

  2. Build good backlinks. As you start to fill your site up with content, you’ll notice that other good websites will link to your best content, which will further drive your site up in the search results. The takeaway here is that great content attracts both websites and people, and establishes the purveyor as an authority.

  3. Good site design is essential to procuring fast load times. People are generally impatient; they will navigate away from a page that lags to find another resource.

  4. Provide a call-to-action after your content. Make sure that visitors aren’t forced to guess what you want them to do after reading your content. Coax them into leaving an email or bookmark the page.

  5. Lastly, make provisions to follow up with customers! Leave a box to capture their email addresses so you can alert them when there’s new, relevant content of interest to them on your website.

When you look all this over it can sound small and simple. However, it could make the difference between you and your competitor. As a review, you want to put what matters at the top, build good backlinks, have a fast website, provide a call to action and have a contact box. Making sure that your website has all of this can ensure that you will be their first call.

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